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dayton-grease-trapDayton's restaurant industry is very vibrant and growing - mirroring the rennaisance that the city overall is experiencing. Whether you have one restaurant, or a chain of franchises, Allied Reddi-Rooter is at your service Dayton.We can do a single emergency pump or set up a yearly schedule so that grease will be the last thing to be concerned about in running your restaurant.

Allied Reddi-Rooter can handle all aspects of your food prep grease. If you have an existing trap that hasn't been pumped in awhile - We'll take it. If your trap is broken or outdated - Allied sells and installs new grease trap systems. We are a full-service grease trap pumping company and eager to satisfy our expanding list of Dayton, Ohio restaurant clients.

Just the facts:

• Single emergency cleanings or multiple yearly schedules available.
• We know grease - Over 6 decades of experience!
• We utilize the latest pumping equipment to do the job fast, efficiently and right.
• Our fees are more than competitive. Call anytime for an immediate quote.
• Fees set for your unique situation - No "one price fits all".
• Instant quotes given over the phone.

No trap is too tough for the Allied Team

We also specialize in hard-to-get-to traps. You know the ones... Located down an alley and in the basement of a 100 year old building in the Oregon District. We take all grease trap business. If other companies aren't taking your calls - Call Allied. We want your business and no other plumber comes close to matching our service and low fees.

Why worry about your restaurant's grease trap?

Proper interior grease trap and exterior grease tank servicing is necessary to keep the rest of your indoor pipes running smoothly. Fats, oils, grease and solids can build up in your pipes causing back-ups if service is not consistent. Some towns require a specific frequency for grease trap services. Allied Reddi-Rooter provides meticulous inside and outside grease pumping to the food service industry, retirement homes, school dining facilities, apartment houses, manufacturing facilities, etc. 

Our technicians will not only clean out your interior grease traps, they will properly scrape down the walls of the trap and inspect the condition of the trap itself, baffles and cover. Your Allied Reddi-Rooter technician will review and update the paperwork on all of your interior traps and recommend the appropriate service frequency based on the condition of those traps. Our technician will also update the service log appropriately to provide health department inspectors with the proper documentation.

Any trap's a snap with Allied Reddi-Rooter!
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