Top Plumbing Questions From Customers

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Cincinnati plumbers handle a lot of questions about home plumbing. Below are three of the most popular ones. 1. My toilet runs, how do I make it stop? A toilet that runs constantly is costly, annoying and much worse than a leaky faucet. A running toilet will wreak havoc on your water bill. Fortunately, fixing a running toilet is generally simple and a good DIY project. Check under the hood. Remove...
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Clothes & Dishwasher Gel Pods – Do they Clog Drains?

Washer Pods
In our home, we love, LOVE gadgets that simplify laundry and dishwashing. Detergent gel pacs are among our favorite things. When a friend mentioned that gel pacs were the cause of a major drain clog in her laundry area, we decided to dig deeper. According to the Interwebs, there truly is a potential for gel pacs to create clogs in the main drain line, requiring the services of a plumber. Below are...
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Drain Backups-Bad News; Not Fake News

Toilet backups
Backups are real. Very, very real. With all the rain in recent weeks, it’s easy for sewers to become overwhelmed. When the drainage system is running over capacity, where does the water go? Unfortunately, the path of least resistance is into your house through your basement drain, an overwhelming toilet backup, or via laundry or kitchen drains. That’s bad. Very bad. While the Greater C...
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The Lowdown On Plumber Service Call Fees

Plumber Service Call Fees
With summer plumbing season in full swing (drain clogs, sump pumps, and standing water are hot topics this summer), a quick review of how plumbers charge for service calls seems like a good topic. As a rule, there are 3 approaches that Cincinnati plumbers when billing out time to customers. How do Service Call Fees Work? There are typically three approaches to invoicing customers: 1. Charge a stan...
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Are Plumbing Service Fees Nickel and Diming You?

Nickel Diming Plumbers
The following is a blog written by Janet Murphy, an Allied customer. When looking for a tradesperson – plumber or other repair person – one of the number one questions is “Do you charge a service fee?” In our home, one of the hallmarks of a quality small business is when the business owner believes a “no service charge”, consultative approach is the best approac...
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Window Well Water... Get Outta' Here!

Everbilt water pump
Q:  The recent rains have left several wet spots in my yard and my window wells are holding water - I’m sure I saw mosquito larvae swimming in them. I don’t need a sump pump, but I’d really like an easy way to drain the water from low areas. Any suggestions? A:  Standing water in your yard and window wells is a sure way to grow a bumper crop of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes ar...
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