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A few weeks ago, we mentioned our sticker shock upon receiving our quarterly water bill. Since then, we've added another person to our household: Mother (and her dog) are staying with us for a couple of months. When we freaked out at our $300 bill, Mom commented (in her mother-in-law way) "$100 a month for water for a family of 6 isn't so bad. Other people pay more." But mom's not paying the bill....
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A Good Garbage Disposal Makes Dishes Fun. Really.

Allied garbage-disposal
A few years ago, we hosted our first Thanksgiving Dinner; a home-cooked affair for about 35 people, including all the in-laws.  Midway through cooking the meal, the garbage disposal failed in a big way: it didn’t have enough horsepower grind the celery waste.  Here’s an appetizing image (NOT): a watery backlog celery strings gurgling up from the kitchen sink just in time for dinner. ...
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5 Tips for Increasing Your Water Heater’s Life Span

Allied water heater dial
In today's busy world, unexpected hot water heater failure can rapidly create havoc in your home life. A broken water heater means time off work, finding a suitable replacement, working with a reputable plumber, and -- worst of all -- cold showers. The popular manufacturers (A. O. Smith, American, Whirlpool, Bradford White, and others), suggest the life of a water heater is 8-12 years. Fortunately...
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Spring Yard Work: Turn on the outside faucets

Ahhhh, spring! As our thoughts turn to warm weekends, flower beds, washing cars, and sprinklers, it's time to turn on the outside faucets. Thinking back to last Fall, the early cold snap caught a lot of people off guard – freezing temps set in before many thought to disconnect their garden hose and turn off the water to outside faucets. If that happened to you, now is a good time to check your out...
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Reclaim your damp basement with a sump pump

If you live in a hilly region, like Cincinnati, Ohio, you may know first hand how it feels to find water flowing into or backing up into your basement. A very effective method of channeling this water away from the home is to dig a "Sump" or hole to in your basement floor. Then you place a pump within the hole that is connected to a drain pipe to channel the water outside. Sump pumps assist not on...
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Allied's sewer pipe camera videos get to the root of it

It's not the most glamorous movie you've ever watched, but it is one of the most informational, when it comes to maintaining your home. Allied Reddi-Rooter can videotape external drains for blockage due to waste, objects accidentally placed in the plumbing and tree roots, to name a few of the culprits. Other issues can involve cracks in your pipes due to degrading material, soil movement, or ...
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