Tankless Water Heaters – A 101 Overview

Two years ago, we wrote a blog on tank vs. tankless water heaters – the local adoption rate of tankless was low at the time. Since then, the numbers of installations has risen slowly. Seemingly, Cincinnatians like the tradition of a tank water heater. Changing an American paradigm is tough. What is a Tankless Water Heater? According to the Department of Energy, "Tankless water heaters, also known ...
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Sewer Gas -- It Stinks!

In our 1920's vintage home, we're at peace with our vintage plumbing: everything above ground is new-ish; everything underground is cast iron, rusty, and likely broken in places that we can't see. After 20+ years of peaceful coexistence, our basement drain recently decided to take our relationship to a new level. It burped up a wave of sewer gas that we could not ignore. Our beloved basement man-c...
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Shower Heads -- The Ultimate in Fine Bathing

Recently, we stayed in an historic 1929 English Tudor manor lodge near Chagrin Falls, OH. The lobby had the usual showcase of lodge history, but what caught our eye were the 2 original shower heads on display. The vintage showerheads are truly works of skillfully cast brass fixture art and the ultimate in 1929 bathing grandeur. In the Gatsby-esque roaring twenties, homeowners were so excited about...
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Buyer Beware -- Original PVC Pipes Can Be Trouble

We have a 20-something friend who believes she's found the perfect starter home in an early 1980's neighborhood. The home seller is a "flipper" (red flag #1). The home inspection revealed that all the plumbing low-grade PVC (red flag #2). The home inspector broke the sad news that all the piping must be brought up to current code in order to obtain homeowner's insurance (red flag #3). To re-pipe t...
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What's the easiest way to lower my water bill?

Customer: I am on City water and sewer. Is there a way to lower my rising utility bill? Ray: First, understand how water charges are calculated. The Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) bills sewage for single family and duplex homes according to the volume of water used during the winter billing period (the billing period that ends with the meter reading in February, March, or April). During the res...
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ThreadBanger Battle: Copper vs. Plastic Pipe. Who Wins?

Every home or business owner with a plumbing problem eventually arrives at the age-old question: Which is best...copper or one of the plastics (PVC or CPVC)? According to selfhelpandmore.com, both copper and plastic water pipes have advantages: Both types of materials are: • Relatively non-toxic and, most importantly, NOT made of lead • Corrosion-resistant • Easy to work with, although copper inst...
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