Sewer or main drain trouble? Videos get to the root of it.

It's not a movie you'll want to make popcorn for, but it's an award-winning way to solve a stinky situation. If you are experiencing sewage backups at the lowest level drains in your home or business, Allied Reddi-Rooter's drain camera can roll in the tightest spaces and identify blockage due to waste, foreign objects and tree roots. A video camera can also identify cracks in your tile or main dra...
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A Tip-or-Two from Cincinnati Plumber, Charles

Germs, deposits and rust -  A few thoughts for the weekend... What Happens When a Garbage Disposal Dies? Our late 1980's model garbage disposal finally bit the dust. It started fading away slowly -- first the blades wouldn't rotate when the switch was turned on, but responded well to the broom-handle treatment. Then, the reset button kept needing to be "reset". We limped along for a couple of...
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Cincinnati Plumber Truism: Electric eels & metal snakes are dinosaurs

We have a friend who is constantly yammering about "the way things used to be." Dude, welcome to the innovations of the 21st century—some things from the past are better left behind. In plumbing, the tools used to bust up main drain line clogs have advanced a lot from electric eels and metal snakes. When it comes to clearing drain clogs quickly, thoroughly, and with minimal potential harm, today's...
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Cincinnati Plumbers Answer Plumbing Questions

Coming off the usual weekend warrior household projects, plumbing issues are on our mind yet again. This weekend, we cleaned out the garage and sent two new P-traps and two sets of toilet tank replacement parts to the thrift store. We've stored these parts for years and no doubt, now that we've let them go our plumbing will break ASAP. On the bright side, the act of editing our household stuff gen...
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Cincinnati Plumbers DIY Tip: Cleaning a Faucet Aerator

In our mid-century-modern kitchen, we have a single-lever faucet that's at least 15 years old. It's nothing special; it's a little leaky if I move the lever a certain way but it gets the j-o-b done. What really bothers me is that water shoots out the tap in a 'split stream' instead of a nicely aerated gush. Do I need a new faucet? Nope, I just need to spend about 15 minutes cleaning the hard water...
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Ask Cincinnati Plumbers… Garbage Disposals

Dear Ray, My garbage disposal is a Sears Kenmore 1HP model, circa 1988. It's been reliable for years but in the past few weeks, the blades no longer rotate reliably when I flip the "on" switch. A well-placed broom handle usually loosens the motor and gets the blades going. After returning from a 2-week vacation however, the disposal has stopped working altogether. I've tried pushing the re-set but...
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