Plumbers: Masters of Problem Solving & Home Improvement

When it comes to listing our Top 3 Most Important Occupations, "Plumber" is ranks highly  (but "Mom" ranks higher). There's a good reason why we chose this profession: Plumbers protect the health of the nation – ensuring safe and reliable drinking water, dry basements, and tidy toidies, to name a few. But consider these skills a good, solid a plumber brings to the table: Gas line work  –...
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Got Water? Some emergency tips that are easy.

When it comes to Cincinnati plumbing topics, the availability of clean drinking water in America's greatest city is a favorite. Recent events in Toledo, Nashville, and LA highlight the importance of having a personal supply of clean water on hand, in case of an emergency. At Allied, we're delighted to assist faucets of all shapes and sizes in delivering top-rated drinking water to households and b...
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Cincinnati Water Fluoridation - Better teeth or secret plot?

Cincinnati Water Fluoridation
Fluoridation in Cincinnati water... It helps! It's an evil 1950s Commie plot! It's another "So Cincinnati" must-read debate. We like to make our own decisions in the Queen City. In 1974 we opted (or did we?) to fluoridate our drinking water , so the chemical has been added to our tap water for four decades without fanfare. Well, the stone-turning Cincinnati Enquirer has uncovered yet another front...
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Wanted: Self-Cleaning Dishwashers & Garbage Disposals

Dishes Come Out Sparkling; Dish Gunk Sticks Around Forever Every Friday, it's Kitchen Cleaning Day at our house. And every Friday, we're grossed-out by the stinky, smelly, gnarly, greasy goo that collects around the gaskets of the dishwasher and garbage disposal. This week, we did some research to understand just what's in that gunk and offer some tips for eliminating it. Dishwashers – There's a F...
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Water, Water Everywhere; Not a Drop to Spare

ucla water main break
Recent high profile water main breaks in LA, UCLA, and Nashville illustrate the importance of regular water line inspections and maintenance. UCLA - 20 Million Gallons Lost  Our Western States are in the midst of a legendary drought. Water restrictions abound. What's the worst possible thing that could happen? Yep - a water main break of epic proportions. In just a few hours, 20 million gallo...
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Dishwasher maintenance - five steps for longer service

It's the Rodney Dangerfield of kitchen appliances. Your dishwasher "gets no respect" with multiple washes a day, overloading, and food left all over its inhabitants, it is easily your hardest working kitchen helper. If yours is like mine, with each passing year of use, you begin to say a little prayer each time you close that door, hoping it won't fail you. The sad news is that most people do noth...
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