Dishwasher maintenance - five steps for longer service

It's the Rodney Dangerfield of kitchen appliances. Your dishwasher "gets no respect" with multiple washes a day, overloading, and food left all over its inhabitants, it is easily your hardest working kitchen helper. If yours is like mine, with each passing year of use, you begin to say a little prayer each time you close that door, hoping it won't fail you. The sad news is that most people do noth...
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Updating your bathroom? Consider these popular ideas.

Kwik-Sip Drinking Fountain
When it comes to home improvements, bathrooms are among America's favorite focal point. Below are a few thoughts on popular improvements, in order of affordability and ease-of-installation. Kwik-Sip In-faucet Drinking Fountain Kids love, LOVE this! At the push of a button, your bathroom faucet magically transforms into a drinking fountain. No more squeezing your head between the lavatory and the f...
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3 must-have kitchen water gadgets you'll love

Allied Hot water dispenser
1. Instant Hot Water Dispenser - This one device will change your entire kitchen routine for the better, instantly. At the touch of a button, enjoy scalding 200-degree water without waiting for the kettle to boil. This inexpensive time-saver serves up coffee, tea, hot cider or any hot drink - instantly. Forget the instant hot water dispenser cooks hot cereals/baby food, blanche...
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Sewer lines... What a gas!

Allied Reddi-Rooter water main
Free-flowing and well-maintained sewer are one of the wonders of modern plumbing. But when a line is in trouble....well, it stinks. As full service plumber (commercial and residential), Allied Reddi-Rooter's skilled technicians can repair or replace damaged sewer lines that run between your home and the street. Line Maintenance – Who's Responsible? In almost all instances, the property owner Is re...
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Have you hugged your plumber lately?

Let's take a trip in the Wayback Machine and consider how fragile good health was before modern plumbing. Water-bourne illnesses ran rampant...cholera, dysentery and internal parasites to name a few. During the Dark Ages, the Romans invented the earliest forms of plumbing. According to Wikipedia, "A system of thirteen Roman aqueducts provided the inhabitants of Rome with water of varying quality, ...
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Forget diamonds. Floor drains are a girl's best friend

Square-shaped or pear-shaped, floor drains keep your home great shape. Truly a wonderful invention and a signature of thoughtful design, floor drains are highly sought after in basements, laundry rooms, garages, pool/shower areas, and even driveways.     Advantages of Floor Drains If you have ever worked in a garage or basement without a floor drain, you understand how much nicer life is...
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