Have you hugged your plumber lately?

Let's take a trip in the Wayback Machine and consider how fragile good health was before modern plumbing. Water-bourne illnesses ran rampant...cholera, dysentery and internal parasites to name a few. During the Dark Ages, the Romans invented the earliest forms of plumbing. According to Wikipedia, "A system of thirteen Roman aqueducts provided the inhabitants of Rome with water of varying quality, ...
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Forget diamonds. Floor drains are a girl's best friend

Square-shaped or pear-shaped, floor drains keep your home great shape. Truly a wonderful invention and a signature of thoughtful design, floor drains are highly sought after in basements, laundry rooms, garages, pool/shower areas, and even driveways.     Advantages of Floor Drains If you have ever worked in a garage or basement without a floor drain, you understand how much nicer life is...
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Clogged pipes? Allied’s “ICU” camera provides emergency insights into your blockage

It doesn't take much to clog a pipe – overzealous use of toilet paper, a washcloth, tree roots, and misplaced Matchbox cars are common culprits. Thanks to improvements in technology, today's plumbing professionals are able to use tiny, waterproof cameras to venture into your pipes and spy the cause of the clog as well as potential trouble spots in an entire drainage system. At Allied, we like to t...
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The grease trap trap... How not to fall into it.

Cincinnati has an impressive reputation as home to world class restaurants. And all restaurants, from Four-Star to Gold Star, have one thing in common: grease traps. With that in mind, this news item from Arizona caught our eye: Eateries Ignore Grease Trap Ordinance: Read article Grease waste: A slick operation Most people give grease traps little thought. But, well maintained traps (and thei...
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All Washed Up: Old washing machine hoses

metal hoses
Over 50% of insurance claims related to water damage are from broken water supply hoses. The average claim is more than $6,000. The laundry room is one of your home's most important work spaces, yet it typically receives the least attention...until it's out of service. This week, we're taking a closer look at a simple home maintenance item: washing machine hoses. Did you know that in a typical hom...
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Vacation Checklist Item: Shut Off Main Water Valve

Water main nerd
Recently, an insurance salesman returned home from a business trip to find his first floor and basement flooded with water. The trouble? His water line burst, spewing thousands of gallons of water unnoticed. It took months of work and two contractors to repair the damage. "If you're going to have a leaking supply line, it's going to happen while you're away," says Ray Connaughton, president of All...
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