The hard truth about Cincinnati's hard water

Cincinnati hard water
Why hard water is bad for your home’s plumbing and heating systems  Have you ever taken your glasses and silverware out of the dishwasher only to find spots or film all over them? The culprit is likely hard water, caused when calcium carbonate and magnesium heats up and adds solid residue on your dishes.  But hard water isn’t just a nuisance, it can also cause damage to your home’s plumb...
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Tips for choosing the right gutter system for your home

Choosing a gutter
So, you’re ready to invest in new gutters for your home. That’s great, because a solid working gutter system can help keep you home safe from damage rainwater can cause. Gutters keep your home’s paint from molding and cracking after rainwater curls under the eaves. And if rainwater pools on the ground by your foundation it can flood your basement. With this kind of damage that can happen to your h...
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Get your plumbing ready for summer vacation

Vaction Planning
Follow these tips to make sure a plumbing problem won’t ruin your summer vacation  When it’s time to hit the road or the skies for summer vacation, the last thing you want worry about is your home’s plumbing. Before you head out for the getaway you’ve been looking forward to, it’s a very good idea to check your home’s plumbing.  Just a few simple changes and checks can save you money on ...
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Don’t Do-It-Yourself - 5 Plumbing Repairs to have done professionally

Dont DIY
We know it can be very tempting to attempt to tackle your home’s plumbing problems on your own, but in most cases, it’s a job best let to professionals. Sure, do-it-yourself plumbing repair may save you a few bucks at first, but mistakes can be costly, especially if you do more damage to your plumbing than was there in the first place.  Instead of do-it-yourself, we suggest don’t-do-it-yourse...
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Five D.I.Y. Home Plumbing Repairs That Save C.A.S.H.

DIY CASH image
1. Garbage Disposal Has Stopped Chomping Clogged or jammed garbage disposals can be easy repairs to make. First, never insert a hand into your disposal. Turn your power main off at the circuit breaker box. Look under your sink for a loose hex tool that came with the disposal. If it is long gone, they are available at any hardware store. On the bottom of the disposal is a hole in the center. Insert...
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Let Freedom Ring this Memorial Day

Memorial Day 2018
Did you know that Memorial Day was born out of the American Civil War? Shorly after its end the U.S. Government in an effort to reunite our people, declared May 28 as Decoration Day. The intent was to ask Americans to decorate graves of those killed in the war in an attempt to unite America once again and offer a salute to those who gave everything. The day was designed to occur during peak bloomi...
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