Plumbing + Holiday Parties…Look Out, She’s Gonna Blow!

Holiday Nightmares
I learned last week that it's our turn to host Thanksgiving for the in-laws, all 35-50 of them. My first vision: that scene in The Shawshank Redemption when Andy busts open the sewer pipe and sewage explodes into his face. When the family arrives, it's hard to tell what might get flushed down the toilet. Some years, it's worse than others. Kids + Vintage Plumbing +Toilet Paper = Bad News  In ...
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Remembrance, thanks, and a free flag for Veterans Day

At Allied Reddi-Rooter, November is a month that gives us pause. In honor of Veterans Day, Friday, November 11, we recognize, remember, and pray for the American men and women who fought -- and for those who continue to fight -- so that we may enjoy our American freedom. Some gave a little and some gave everything so that we might live in peace in this great nation. American Flags and Red Poppies ...
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Allied Reddi-Rooter Is Hiring!

If you've got an interest in plumbing, you've got a friend in Allied.  In the Greater Cincinnati Area, the shortage of people with hands for pipefitting, a head for math, and a problem-solving, people-friendly personality is real. It hits home. It's right here in our offices on Hunter Ave in Norwood. If you believe in the adage that "the plumber protects the health of the nation," and enjoy t...
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Blue Water = Bad, Very Bad Water

For those who love the idea of fancy blue (or green) water in the toilet bowl, consider this: over time, the cleaning chemicals in drop-in tank tablets can cause your toilet gaskets to slowly rot. While that colored water looks pretty in the toilet bowl, it can do a number on your budget if it's slowly leaking into your floor. Are Drop-In Tablets Really That Bad? Yes, they are. With long-term use,...
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Water Heater Savings: Put a Blanket on It!

Don't use not just any blanket. Use only an official water heater insulating blanket. My neighbor just bought an older home. During a tour of the utilities in her basement, I noticed that her water heater was covered in an official water heater blanket. It was thick, heavy, and well-designed. We're not fancy people at our house, but that water heater blanket looked pretty awesome and did a nice jo...
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Cincinnati Plumbers Tip: Laundry Drain Clogs Can Indicate Sewer Line Trouble

washing machine drain clog
In recent plumbing conversations with close friends, I was surprised to learn that clogged laundry sink drains are a common problem. In 25 years of marriage and 4 kids, our most common clogs are toilets (TP clogs), bathroom (hair clogs), tub drains (hair clogs), and kitchen drains (food clogs in the garbage disposal). Our laundry sink drain has yet to become plugged. But since two sets of friends ...
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