Cincinnati Plumbers Tip: Laundry Drain Clogs Can Indicate Sewer Line Trouble

washing machine drain clog
In recent plumbing conversations with close friends, I was surprised to learn that clogged laundry sink drains are a common problem. In 25 years of marriage and 4 kids, our most common clogs are toilets (TP clogs), bathroom (hair clogs), tub drains (hair clogs), and kitchen drains (food clogs in the garbage disposal). Our laundry sink drain has yet to become plugged. But since two sets of friends ...
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Cincinnati Plumber Advisory: Plan Your Winterizing Activities Now

On our morning commute, the morning radio show host mentioned this year we are having a "hot Fall." Plumbers love that! These unseasonably warm weekends are perfect for outdoor plumbing winterization activities. Plumbing is especially susceptible to cold weather and freezing and burst pipes can cause $$$$ in water damage. Below are a few preventative tips that we like to share at this time of year...
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Ask a Cincinnati Plumber...Top Home Buyer Questions

Which is more important – pipes or paint color? Here's our top takeaway from those house-flipping shows on cable TV: Tearing out walls is easy; anyone can do it. Cosmetic repairs are a snap – easy to estimate, easy to execute. Infrastructure problems, on the other hand, create financial panic in a new homeowner. Finding out after the closing that the whole house piping needs to be repl...
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When Buying "This Old House" – Inspections Matter

The Pros and Cons of Video Sewer Line Inspections When facing a complex decision such as buying a home, who among us hasn't resorted to the age-old list of "pros/cons" to help sort out the best approach. When choosing home inspections, it makes good sense to walk through pros and cons of a video camera sewer line inspection. What is a video sewer line inspection? Cameras have come a long way in re...
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Bang on the pipes before you buy that house

Cincinnati plumber Ray says, "Inspect the main drain line before signing on the dotted line." Our neighbors have their home listed for sale. It's a beauty – an early 1900's brick Victorian with modern updates, a guesthouse, and a desirable location. At nearly $300,000, the home is a major investment. It has all the potential for making a wonderful 'forever home' for a family. But buying an older h...
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Sewer or main drain trouble? Videos get to the root of it.

It's not a movie you'll want to make popcorn for, but it's an award-winning way to solve a stinky situation. If you are experiencing sewage backups at the lowest level drains in your home or business, Allied Reddi-Rooter's drain camera can roll in the tightest spaces and identify blockage due to waste, foreign objects and tree roots. A video camera can also identify cracks in your tile or main dra...
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