NOFRO - Just Say No to Frozen Pipes!

Planning now can save $$$ this winter. In winter, things freeze. We protect our cars against fuel line freeze-up, we protect ourselves against frost bite. Before things get too cold, taking a few steps now can ensure that your pipes are protected, too. Ice water in the pipes can create expensive, time-consuming problems that are easily avoided. Below are a few tips. 1) Insulation – According to wi...
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Hot Water Heater Safety Tips

We've written many DIY blogs, but the recent water heater explosion in Boston (see reference on our Facebook page) gave us pause. Usually, plumbing fits nicely with a handy homeowner's skill level, but tasks involving gas lines, pressure valves, pressure tanks, etc. are best left to a licensed professional. Your water heater may remain unseen, hidden in a utility closet or sitting alone in a basem...
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Water You Drinking...Are You Sure?

Back in the '80's, I worked in a restaurant overlooking scenic Indian Lake, Ohio. It is a reservoir that provides water to its community of locals and tourists. The running joke among the restaurant waitresses was "Why the water glasses are tinted brown? Because it makes the lake water appear clear." That statement has stuck with me over the years, especially when I travel to areas outside of Cinc...
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Water Heaters – Do You Really Need A New One?

When we purchased our home 20 years ago, it came with a "new-ish" 40-gallon water heater. It's a good brand and has served our family well. Our best guess is that it's now over 25 years old. It provides a decent (not great) amount of hot water for 4 adults and 2 teens; we've learned to stage our showers so that no one has to take a cold one. In short, we've arranged our water usage to accommodate ...
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Toilet Troubleshooting

When there's trouble in the toilet area, a happy household or business environment can quickly go right down the drain. According to , the five most common toilet plumbing problems (and some fix-it tips) are as follows: 1. Clogged Toilet – For whatever reason, the either the drain pipe or the curved toilet trap is blocked. Usually, the culprit is toilet paper, a child's toy, f...
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Updating Your Plumbing for a Downsizing Family

Life changes when the kids move out. It's quiet and the water bill goes waayy down. Is a 40-50 gallon water heater tank still needed? In our mid-century split-level home, we're transforming a poorly-planned 6' x 8' bathroom into a tiny utility room. The plan is for this newly-born utility room to hold a stackable washer-dryer, a water softener, a very small laundry folding area and an in-wall acce...
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