Clog Main Drain/Sewer Line? Two Main Culprits

Drain clog from roots
It's been a while since we've written about clogged main drain/main sewer lines (the large drainage tile that runs from the house to the street) . With spring on the way and water bubbling up on lawns all over the Greater Cincinnati/Dayton area, main drain clogs is a good topic. There are typically two reasons for clogged main drain lines: flushed feminine products and tree roots. With regard to t...
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Exterior Faucets - Did yours weather winter weather?

For the past few years, we've been having mulch delivered from a local high school football team. The football players deliver it to our back yard. Go, team! Our point here is that "Mulch Arrival Day" (a.k.a. "Mulch Madness") is our big cue to turn on the exterior sill faucets for the spring/summer/fall months. Check for Leaks/Loose Connections Over winter, leaks can develop in the water lines and...
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Water Heater Elements: The Building Block of Electric Hot Water Heaters

electric water heater element
40% of American water heaters run on electricity, not gas. Thinking visually, a plumbing pyramid (if there is such a thing) consists of a foundational layer of piping (inbound and outbound). Next, layer on the cold water intake valve, followed by the hot water heater. In layer three, the pyramid continues with basic fixtures: toilets, sinks, tubs, showers, and sump pumps. Plumbing niceties fill th...
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Water Wasting 101: It's Curable!

Celebrate the EPA's Fix-A-Leak Week in March In our house, the quarterly water bill is one of our financial measuring sticks. With effort, our family of 6 (2 adults + 4 almost-adults that love to shower) can average a water bill of about $276 per quarter (note: we have a gas furnace, not a radiator). In our most recent quarter, we hit a new all-time high: $302. The water bill has been gradually in...
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Water Heater Science: Expansion Tanks

Allied expansion tanks
Every 6th grade science geek learns that upon freezing, water expands. But did you realize water also expands upon heating? It's a property known as "thermal expansion," which means that as water is heated, the water molecules speed up and require more space in which to roam. In a 40 gallon water heater tank, thermal expansion can create as much as a full gallon of additional water, by volume. The...
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The Allied Team - Perfect for Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease Trap Pumping
Cincinnati has an impressive reputation as home to world class restaurants. And all restaurants, from Four-Star to Gold Star, have one thing in common: grease traps. With that in mind, this news item from Arizona caught our eye: Eateries Ignore Grease Trap Ordinance:  Read article Allied meticulously provides both interior and exterior grease trap pumping services to the food service industry...
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