Restaurant bathroom ads... A Cincinnati Plumbers dream!

AllOver Media
Any Cincinnati business that seeks to advertise must weigh cost vs conversion potential, or expense balanced against the payoff. For Allied Reddi-Rooter, we may have located the perfect niche advertising venue - Restaurant bathrooms! Right now we have a promotion using it. It goes like this: A) See our ads in Cincinnati's best restaurant bathrooms, B) Call Allied and tell us where you saw our ad, ...
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Garbage Disposals: Best Kitchen Tool Ever!

With six people in our household, our garbage disposal is used from dawn until late in the evening. We LOVE our disposal. It's a super-sturdy ¾ horsepower ISE model; we've been using it for over 20 trouble-free years. It liquefies our morning coffee grounds, lunch and dinner scraps, and past-due leftovers in seconds, with nothing more than a heavy dose of cold water to wash them down. Gasket Gunk ...
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In a "FOG" about your Restaurant Grease Trap?

A recent walk through downtown Cincinnati from 4th Street to 13th Street was an eye-opener. The downtown restaurant scene is rapidly expanding. There are more restaurants in the 45202 zip code than ever before. For plumbers, that means one thing: Grease trap calls are gonna go sky-high! For those new to the restaurant business, clean and well-maintained grease traps are one of the keys to a succes...
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Clog Main Drain/Sewer Line? Two Main Culprits

Drain clog from roots
It's been a while since we've written about clogged main drain/main sewer lines (the large drainage tile that runs from the house to the street) . With spring on the way and water bubbling up on lawns all over the Greater Cincinnati/Dayton area, main drain clogs is a good topic. There are typically two reasons for clogged main drain lines: flushed feminine products and tree roots. With regard to t...
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Exterior Faucets - Did yours weather winter weather?

For the past few years, we've been having mulch delivered from a local high school football team. The football players deliver it to our back yard. Go, team! Our point here is that "Mulch Arrival Day" (a.k.a. "Mulch Madness") is our big cue to turn on the exterior sill faucets for the spring/summer/fall months. Check for Leaks/Loose Connections Over winter, leaks can develop in the water lines and...
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Water Heater Elements: The Building Block of Electric Hot Water Heaters

electric water heater element
40% of American water heaters run on electricity, not gas. Thinking visually, a plumbing pyramid (if there is such a thing) consists of a foundational layer of piping (inbound and outbound). Next, layer on the cold water intake valve, followed by the hot water heater. In layer three, the pyramid continues with basic fixtures: toilets, sinks, tubs, showers, and sump pumps. Plumbing niceties fill th...
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