Don’t Do-It-Yourself - 5 Plumbing Repairs to have done professionally

Dont DIY
We know it can be very tempting to attempt to tackle your home’s plumbing problems on your own, but in most cases, it’s a job best let to professionals. Sure, do-it-yourself plumbing repair may save you a few bucks at first, but mistakes can be costly, especially if you do more damage to your plumbing than was there in the first place.  Instead of do-it-yourself, we suggest don’t-do-it-yourse...
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Five D.I.Y. Home Plumbing Repairs That Save C.A.S.H.

DIY CASH image
1. Garbage Disposal Has Stopped Chomping Clogged or jammed garbage disposals can be easy repairs to make. First, never insert a hand into your disposal. Turn your power main off at the circuit breaker box. Look under your sink for a loose hex tool that came with the disposal. If it is long gone, they are available at any hardware store. On the bottom of the disposal is a hole in the center. Insert...
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Let Freedom Ring this Memorial Day

Memorial Day 2018
Did you know that Memorial Day was born out of the American Civil War? Shorly after its end the U.S. Government in an effort to reunite our people, declared May 28 as Decoration Day. The intent was to ask Americans to decorate graves of those killed in the war in an attempt to unite America once again and offer a salute to those who gave everything. The day was designed to occur during peak bloomi...
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6 things to look for in a Cincinnati plumber

6 things to look for
So, you’ve got a leaky toilet or are taking cold showers. The first thing most homeowners do is head to the internet or tattered old phone book. That can be a mistake if you need help fast. Every plumber can have someone there fast, but with what fees attached for that speedy arrival, and with what possible discounts missed in your haste to get the repair done? Take a few moments to read the follo...
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Winter’s shifting ground is hard on buried water and sewage lines

sewer water diagram
Freeze, thaw, repeat.  Uh-oh….no go. The recent frigid weather really does a number on the underground water and sewer piping that runs from your home  to the city’s connections at the street.  These freeze-thaw-refreeze cycles causes the ground to shift; such movements are hard for cast iron or clay tile pipes to handle.  As a result, many homeowners are finding that their ser...
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Winter Water – It’s a Vicious Cycle. How is your sump pump holding up?

sump pump image
Freeze, Thaw, Rain, Snow, Leaky Basement, Repeat Well, we’re all in the soup this week – melting snow, swampy yards, and more rain/snow in the forecast. During the next few days and weeks, sump pump maintenance, repair and even replacement is crucial to keeping your home dry.  Below are a few tips · Locate the Discharge Hose and Cleanout Cap - Look along the exterior wall for the point w...
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